Massage Services
Our services are customized to the individual's needs. Our mission is to support and nourish each person's unique healing path.

The Signature Greenhouse Massage
with David Greenhouse

The Signature Greenhouse Massage cultivates a unique style of deep tissue and hot stone massage. David uses the hot stones as body sculpting tools to transport the client to a new level of therapeutic relaxation.

To make an appointment please call Greenhouse at 718.599.3113 or go to the Roebling Studio.

Deep Tissue
In conjunction with trigger point therapy and myofascial release, these detailed, therapeutic techniques provide relief for chronically tight, over-used and burdened muscles.

Pre & Post Natal Massage
This specialized treatment is designed to nurture and support new and expecting mothers. Using customized pillows, we offer relief from neck/shoulder tension, fatigue, sciatica and low back pain.

Shiatsu Massage
Performed on a mat, in loose, comfortable clothing, experience passive stretches, thumb and palm pressure. Using the meridians of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five Element Theory, Shiatsu balances the mind, alleviates muscle tension and increases flexibility. This treatment can range from gentle to deep.

Signature Hot Stone & Deep Tissue Massage
These sacred stones relax the mind and fortify the effects of Deep Tissue therapy. With comforting weight and soothing warmth, heated basalt stones attract moisture and nutrients to the tissue.

Sports Massage
Ideal for athletes and yoga students of all levels, this modality assists the body in preparation and recovery related to exercise and sports events. Passive Stretches, Deep Tissue and Swedish techniques may all be incorporated.

Swedish Massage
This soothing massage sedates the nervous system, improves circulation and brings warmth and softness to tired muscles.