The sauna is currently not in service

Open daily for students and members. Traditional benefits include soothing joints and muscles, improved complexion and elimination of toxins. We also provide a shower for hot/cold therapy, an age-old technique for strengthening and stimulating the immune system.


General Guidelines, Rules and Regulations

  • Sauna is for students, members and massage and facial clients only.
  • All Sauna visits are in 10-15 minute intervals at maximum.
  • Limit yourself to 2-3 intervals. You must cool down in between each sitting. See How to Sauna for details.
  • Maximum number of students in sauna is 8 people.
  • We recommend that you bring your own towels however; you can rent one for $1.00 each (2 towel minimum).
  • Towels or bathing suits are required for co-ed sittings.
  • You must drink water! You may bring your own water bottle or you can purchase one from us. Water = $1
  • Must sign waiver / release form.
  • Must read all general guidelines, rules and safety regulations
  • Must inform staff of any known medical conditions, health problems, and / or ailments.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to use sauna.
  • Any persons with high blood pressure are not allowed to use sauna.
  • No Smoking, Alcohol, Drugs or Medications allowed in Sauna or prior to use of sauna.
  • No Exercise allowed in sauna.
  • No Sex or sexual advancements allowed in sauna.
  • Do not adjust or tamper with sauna.
  • Be aware that client sessions are taking place in the same area – talking should be kept to a very low volume.

How to Sauna

  • When taking a sauna, allow time to completely relax.
  • Remove clothing and jewelry.
  • Place a towel on the bench for sitting and use the other to wear loosely.
  • Towels or bathing suit is mandatory if co-ed use.
  • After 10 – 15 min., or when perspiration begins, leave sauna and relax in dressing area...follow with a cool shower.
  • Cooling time should equal time spent in sauna. Enter sauna room again and stay for 5 – 10 minutes.
  • Repeat cycle 1 – 2 times; end with a brisk shower.... rinse in cool water.
  • Dress when completely dry and perspiration has stopped.
  • Use only one dipper full (1/2 cup) of water on hot rocks at a time and take care to keep clear of the steam as is rises off the rocks.
  • Drop Greenhouse Holistic linens in designated bins.
  • Greenhouse Holistic assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen belongings.

Benefits of Sauna

  • Relaxes muscles, Reduces pain in muscles and joints
  • Relieves stress, Feels great
  • Flushes toxins from body
  • Conditions your heart and Improves circulation
  • Induces a deeper, more relaxing sleep
  • Creates a relaxing peaceful environment
  • Refreshes the body mind and soul
  • Rosy Complexion, Cleanses skin